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Ryan's Adventure 6/22/14
Operation High Risk First Contact

Operation High Risk First Contact

Note: Usual caveats apply — this is mostly from memory, so please let me know in the comments or by email if I need to make any updates, corrections or if I missed anything important.

Session Milestone: Intergalactic Diplomacy

1xp. Make a contribution for Earth on the study of anatomy and physiology of alien species.
3xp. Do something to make Beckham proud.
10xp. Cure hunger and bring peace to all on earth.

Act 1

The team starts in a limo on its way to the Department of Homeland Security, to meet with General Beckham about the events of the alien invasion in Boston.

Going through a series of hallways and hidden entrances, the team finally arrives in Beckham’s office, deep underground, despite the fake windows.

Beckham “meets” with the team from a screen on an automated chair — unwilling to be in the same room as Sym (among others), given the security risks. The team is miffed that their ‘in person’ meeting wasn’t as advertised, but she promises they didn’t come to DC in vain since it would be their point of departure on a top secret mission.

The mission, which the team accepted, would be to accompany IG1 (Inter-Galactic 1), a special ops team focusing on first contact diplomacy, to Reklyn Darus — the planet of a species at war with the Boston invaders. From there, the team could figure out what to do with the alien invader POWs and perhaps seek out an alliance with the Reklyndars.

We also learned that the alien invaders were the Gornendorfs, a species with advanced technology and prodigious numbers, dominant throughout the galaxy.

There was some debate over whether Aramis should come, but ultimately Beckham favored it given Aramis’s experience with alien environments.

The team was sent to a secret underground facility at Reagan International Airport — Terminal U, (U for underground), via a secret access tunnel in an airport parking garage. It was a giant top secret facility designed as an actual airport terminal. There were hundreds of staff present, from security to engineers to scientists.

As the team “checked in” they met Captain Jim Reynolds, head of IG1, as well as his team of Lt. Sarah Harrington and Lt. Terry Chung, along with five IG1 mooks. The team escorted the Hub Squad through the terminal to Gate 14, where the Gornendorf sphere could be accessed. A team of scientists and engineers were outside the gate with the ship, preparing for the teleportation.

Just as the team was getting ready to board, there was an explosion. Hundreds of Gornendorfs were raiding the secret facility, some exploding down from cracked earth above, others through the secret entrance.

The Hub Squad itself was confronted by a particularly nasty Gornendorf with noble blood, Lord Schillerzilla, along with some of his mooks and minions . After a little effort — and some serious kick-butt moves from Rona — Lord Schillerzilla was brought down and the Hub Squad was victorious.

Sym used his powers on the unconscious Lord Schillerzilla to find out that the Lord’s noble blood, which could be used to infuse a Gornendorf body with incredible strength and power, enabled him to escape their DC prison — with all the Gornendorf prisoners inside it.

They were the only Gornendorfs who had escaped. Lord Schillerzilla’s noble blood was particularly potent since he was a cousin of the queen. He had also personally travelled with the invasionary force because he saw Earth as a planet with potential as part of his “dukedom.”

Sym realized there could be few prisons capable of holding Schillerzilla on earth.

Sym also learned that Lord Schillerzilla was able to find the facility because he had a smuggled device that had a lock on all the teleportation spheres on Earth — though, luckily, there Schillerzilla had the only one. Sym learned the Lord had a cosmic sense which enabled him to ‘smell’ the Hub Squad and target them from the start.

He also learned that the Gornendorf Queen was sick because of the Noble Blood — each time it was used to infuse strength into the body, it took a toll on that body, too.

It was around that time that further waves of the Gornedorf prisoners were coming — so IG1 decided to hold them back while the Hub Squad escaped through the sphere.

Act 2

As soon as the team entered the sphere and transported, they arrived at Reklyn Darus almost instantly.

Shepard was the first out of the ship, getting a bird’s eye view of the planet. The environment was a rocky desert with a red sun. The air was breathable, but like breathing in Denver. The gravity was similar to earth — perhaps a tad bit heavier.

Shepard was able to spot a pair of giant wild beasts that looked like the ones which tried to eat Natalie Portman in Attack of the Clones. They were nearby a structure buried partly in the desert. When the animals wandered off, the team investigated — finding a well stocked room inside.

While everyone was figuring if it was safe to go inside, Aramis opened up the heavy stone door and went right in — figuring it was meant for those traversing the desert like themselves. His people had similar locations where he was from, in the Crossroads.

There was a pair of the Reklyndar aliens on a wall painting inside, making a friendly gesture with their middle fingers toward each other. Despite what middle fingers meant where they were from, it looked like a sign of peace on Reklyn Darus.

There was a ton of supplies inside — from tools to food and water to basic weapons — and an area to make camp. There was also a computer and what the team realized to be a universal translator, one so advanced it had a limited telepathy or read brainwaves, able to detect the differences between a black “smith” and Mrs. Smith. The translator could could also scan and read text.

The team was able to use that device to translate the text on the wall by the painting. It said “Peace Friends, and Share. Reklyndar Hostel #01a.”

Aramis was able to discover from the computer that there was an entire network of the desert structures which could lead from one city or location to the next — almost as if there were many wanderers in a Reklyndar desert.

Sym found out from the computer some basic information about the city nearby — Reklyndaria. It was the world’s largest city and structured by over 100 ‘sectors,’ which acted as cities within cities and were dedicated to certain functions, such as science or manufacturing.

Soon after leaving the structure, the team realized their sphere was spotted — and a scout team was sent, led by a militant, distrustful Captain Tivian Aquata — who was ready to attack anyone who came out of a Gornendorf Sphere.

Because the team was able to avoid a fight with the wild beasts earlier and learn about the Reklyndarian sign of peace, they were able to avoid a confrontation with Aquata long enough for a member of the Aqdar Council to come and diffuse the tension.

Councilman Daromas assured the scouts that Earth was deemed “harmless” and Aquata had no right to attack. The team, meanwhile, used the translator to tell the Reklyndarians that they only had the sphere because they were attacked — and were seeking out Reklyndarians for advice, and in peace.

The team learned that the sphere technology was dangerous — and that similar technology that the Reklyndarians developed had damaged their planet to the point where portals opened randomly. Use of the spheres exacerbated the problem.

The team was given a tour of Reklyndaria, the city, by Councilman Daromas. They learned that tens of millions of people lived there. It was massive and alien. There were giant ant-hill-like structures rising into the sky throughout the city, along with other structures that were wide and living, like giant flowers. There were sections of the city on large barges and boats, with skyscrapers rising above them, along with deep caverns under the sea and other undersea structures where Reklyndarians made their homes.

The team learned that most Reklyndarians could breath in air or underwater, though some had recessive traits that only allowed them to breath in one or the other. This was a trait that was developed because for a length of time the leviathans were the apex species on the planet — among other dangerous species in the deserts.

The team learned that the planet, while always desert-like, was once greener. Once, long ago, there was an industrialized revolution that led to the near destruction of the planet, wiping out many of the world’s species — ever since, the Reklyndarians have tried to keep small footprints, to the point where the planet is finally bouncing back in some regards (portal disasters notwithstanding).

Shepard asked around about religion and philosophies and learned that there was once a Shintoist-like religion, but as the species advanced, people thought of it less as a religion and more as a form of naturalism. The whole notion took a beating during their industrial revolution, but made a big comeback once the full damages of the industrial revolution were wrought — to the point where a mix of naturalism and ‘humanism’ is the dominant worldview.

Rona toured some of the science areas in the city and discovered many wonders. While the Reklyndarians wouldn’t share their tech, a la the Federation on Star Trek, they were perfectly willing to share the ideas and principals — the scientific theories — behind them. She was able to learn a lot, but realized they had no great understanding of Nuetralino Energy, as cool as a lot of their science and tech was.

Power Surge, curious about the prisoners of Reklyn Darus, made inquiries about its system of justice and whether or not they had Gornendorf POWs. He learned that there were very few Reklyndarians in environments like prisons — while there were occasionally law breakers, Reklyndarians preferred to get at the root of the problem rather than just send people to prison, directly addressing mental health, poverty and other assorted problems that could lead to a ‘path of crime.’

As for Gornendorf POWs, there were thousands. Power Surge was given a tour of a ‘Gornendorf prison’ and found it less like a prison and more like a separate society. They were buried deep underground in absolutely massive chambers designed to replicate Gornendorf environments, shielded in a way to prevent any Gornendorfs from escaping or making contact with their governments. There was little “guarding” of these faciilities inside the shielded environments — they were largely given the resources to take care of themselves and had a society unto them.

The team learned more about the political structure of Reklyn Darus. Reklyndarians largely lived in giant city states, though there were some small countries that developed. However, while there were a lot of independent states, there was something of a “World Government” in the form of the Aqdar Council, which could set not only policy on matters of defense, but matters important to defense, too — such as making sure there was enough food and resources.

The Council has gained a lot of power and prominence during the war with the Gornendorfs, given the need to have a unified response. It acts as something like the UN Security Council, but with more teeth and far more organization. Instead of just being comprised of representatives from states, there’s a mix of appointments representing not only governments, but professional associations like scientists and the military.

Currently, the dominant view on the Council edges more toward the scientists and diplomats than the military. The council meets in Reklyndaria, making it the world’s de facto capital. They meet in a shadowed hall, which had a very Minbari Babylon 5 vibe to it.

When the team met with the Council, there was interest in the humans since they were able to stand up to the Gornendorfs. Supers were clearly more capable than they had realized.

There was some interest in creating an alliance — but when the team brought up the notion of transporting the Gornendorf prisoners to Reklyn Darus, not many on the council were willing to bite. One of the shadowed councilmen told the Hub Squad that it would be difficult to voluntarily take on additional Gornendorf POWs, because the ones they had already were using up 30% of their world’s energy.

It would have taken a big wartime commitment on Earth’s part to make that viable for them, one that perhaps Earth would be unable to make.

Daromas intervened, bringing another idea. He raised the idea that they could have the Altookians take the prisoners.

The Council then explained who the Altookians were — a race that largely stayed out of intergalactic politics, but was once the dominant intergalactic race before becoming isolationists. Their technology is thought to be the most advanced in the galaxy, though their aren’t many of them.

As the session drew to a close, Daromas did warn the team that they are “weird” and had a weird way of doing things. Since the Reklyndarians weren’t seen to be on the winning side of this war, they were no longer welcome on Altookia — but the humans, who had just had a surprise win, could be just be able to have some success in drawing the Altookians out.

We ended with the promise of heading off to Altookian Prime.

Ryan's adventure 5/31
Operation Sanctity Lines

Sanctity of the Misanthrope

These notes are based off my memory… so if I got anything wrong, missed anything or whatever, please let me know in the comments.

Spent xp — Terelli bought the SFX: Multipower for one of his power sets.

Act 1 Milestone: Anti-Misanthrope

1 pt. Save an innocent from the ravages of true misanthropy.
3 pt. Wipe out a misanthropic well.
10 pt. Convert or be converted.

EXP Store… 5xp buys a someone at the NSA or Order of Three Swords with a Specialty. 10 XP buys a kick-ass fighter, like King Carbonite or someone from the Order.

Session notes:

A boy knocks on the door. Sym opens it.

He’s Aramis St. Michael, from “the citadel of St. Michael,” which is part of the Order of Three Swords. He’s dressed in a monk’s robes, bears a giant cross on his back and looks about 12.

He’s looking for Shepard.

Sym and Aramis speak for a while; he learns that Aramis has had almost no exposure to the outer world and doesn’t know of things as simple as who JFK was or what candy is like.

Aramis didn’t want to tell exactly where he came from and got caught in a lie — saying he had God’s GPS, finally fessing up to having a map.

We learn his name comes from “literature” — specifically, one of the Three Muskateers.

We learn that the giant cross he bears has powes, including the power of flight.

As he meets up with Shepard, we learn that Aramis is here because he’s having something of an identity crisis.

He’s about to graduate from his school, St. Francis Boys Academy of Righteous Youth, and be sent into the seminary — one less about religion and more about being a warrior for god. We find out that he’s a bit of a prodigy and the “Crucifixer” at his church, the kid who bears the cross at mass, which is a position of honor.

We also learn that he, like everyone from where he’s from, is an orphan — born from a monk and a nun, but raised without knowing who his parents are and without his parents knowing who he is, which is the standard practice there and how they fill their ranks.

He views Shepard as the only one in the entire world who could relate to him and provide him with the kind of advice and guidance that he needs, since he and Shepard wield two of the most powerful weapons in the Order — and because, while there are plenty of Qui Gon Jins in the Order who toot to their own horn, there’s only one Shepard in the Church — who rejected them outright.

Aramis is taking a leave ‘early’ so he can stay with Shephard and collect his thoughts — get mentored — but has the blessing of the Order and church to do that. He isn’t a runaway.

Aramis sticks around for a couple days, after the group lets him stay there seeing him as a bit of a danger to others and sensing the opportunity to expose him to the world. They find he’s a typical 12 year old in some ways — namely, he can be a bit of a pest — but that he trains and studies incessantly. He also acts fairly independently, including going around the city of Boston to check things out all on his own — though Shepard sometimes flew around to keep an eye out.

Power Surge takes a lie detector power from the Power Well and tests Aramis to make sure he hasn’t lied — and he seems pretty genuine, for good or bad. Power Surge also calls up the Order and asks about Aramis — finds out his story is mostly accurate, and that the Order is hoping Aramis will ‘find his way’ over time if they let him go.

At some point soon thereafter, Boston is hit by a bad Earthquake, a 6.5 on the richter scale. As the team goes off to help, they’re called by Beckham to let them know that there’s been readings of some kind of a portal being opened that could be the cause.

The team heads off to the Back Bay area to check it out, since that’s the center of where the damage is at, particularly at the John Hancock Tower, since there were reports that that building was in bad shape.

When getting there, a huge rumble appears near them as a spherical alien ship appears there. They also hear from Aramis — who was at the nearby Christian Science center — that there’s dozens of aliens there.

The team is attacked by the alien Captain and his minions, but prevails.

Power Surge creates a Portal using the Power Well to get Rona there, since she was still at her lab.

He also gets Aramis at the same time — just as he was about to be overwhelmed from the aliens.

Between the scientific readings and what Aramis has to say, it’s pretty clear that the center of the attacks is at the Christian Science center — so the team decides to go there next.

Aramis takes Power Surge on his cross, flying into the sky. They realize that the alien ships are definitely not flying — and simply porting in. They also notice that there are alien vessels all across the city.

By the time Aramis and Power Surge fly back down at the Christian Science center, the rest of the team is not too far behind. There’s a lot of aliens there and a bunch of spheres, but one huge sphere that clearly belongs to the person in charge.

There are waves and waves of aliens to attack, but Shepard mows throw them very effectively with his sword. Rona, Sym and Aramis focus on the ship, with Sym ripping off the hatch and dropping Aramis inside to clear out the minions — which he does pretty quickly.

Soon after, though, the Admiral blasts open another entrance in the middle of the sphere, where he then comically uses a ray gun to telekenitcally bring out a podium and human video cameras from his ship — so he can have a little press conference.

He announces himself as Admiral Moosquatcha Lelow Fastidious, and he tells the world that he’s here because they found a means of immortality — and that it’s the Mapparium inside the Christian Science Library. He’s offended that the humans found it first and obviously has contempt for their species. He announces that he needs it for his queen, who is sick, and that they’ll also be taking 10,000 of the world’s children to work at her palace (as slaves).

There’s a fight with the team. His ray gun is pretty kick butt, as its telekenisis can be used for blocking. He even attempts to drop a bus on Sym and Power Surge, though they reacted to it in time. Shepard was a little less likely — when his sword got stuck in the ground after a bad miss that the Admiral caused.

In the end, though, the Admiral goes down and the team saves the day… to realize they now have a whole lot of shit to deal with from an invading army.

Sym reads the Admiral’s mind and discovers that the Admiral is a well respected Admiral within a mighty empire. He discovers the Admiral knows the Mapparium can be used for more than just healing people and keeping them alive, but as something of a “cerebro for all powers” — ie it would be like if a person with fire powers could go in there and suddenly use those fire powers anywhere in the world.

Sym lets the group know about its dangers.

Meanwhile, Rona’s tech and science abilities were able to figure out how to use the Admiral’s technology — she was able to shut down all of the ships across the city, stranding he aliens and preventing them from taking any children or causing more earthquakes.

In the aftermath of the Christian Science battle, there were some people at the Chrisitian Science Center checking things out — among them people from the Order’s Boston division, who Aramis spoke to. Aramis told them about the Mapparium’s healing powers that the Admiral spoke about, but didn’t know that the Mapparium had other powers, too, so the Order is unaware of those.

With national guard in Boston on clean-up and the army on its way, the team could now rest a little easier knowing their immediate problems were over — so everyone started going over different options for what to do with the aliens and the technology, as well as the threat of future invasion.

Some suggested that they be sent back and told not to screw with humans again. Others suggested that we try to dupe the aliens with Power Surge’s shapeshifting, scaring them into thinking attacking earth wasn’t worth it — but Sym realized such a strategy would fail, since these aliens wouldn’t be duped so easily…. that the Admiral and his invading armies would never call back until the job was done or they were all dead from trying.

Aramis offered to bring them to the ‘crossroads’ where he was from — a place in between heaven, earth and hell — which some called purgatory, but ‘that’s a bad description,’ but the team wasn’t wild about that idea, either, since it wouldn’t end the threat of future invasions.

In the end, it was decided that the team would use one of the spaceships to visit an alien world that was resisting the ‘evil empire’ of the earth invaders. The world they would visit would be the same aliens that visited Boston during the very first session, the ones who came here to capture the leviathans and seal the rift.

Rona was able to find the location of that world in the alien’s ship.

They were hoping these other aliens would be trustworthy and know what to do with all the POWs and how to solve the threat of future invasions.

Barnabo's Adventure 5/17/14

“Enter… the Nihilist.”

The team teleports to St. Loious — Tarot arrives first, having spent a pp to teleport all the way there off an opportunity so he wouldn’t need to depend on Power Surge’s mimic.

Tarot talks to Sephlapod… who understood, but decided to descend in for attack instead of talk back.

The group comes and sets up attack. Tarot misses, Rona sets up a car for Power Surge to attack. Sephlapod goes to attack Tarot… with a wicked attack, but hits Tarot’s doppleganger, who wasn’t even there.

Sephlapod screams in pain. Dr. Sephlapod says “Subject Tarot just used an illusion to dodge and wasn’t even there.” he demanded upgrades. Sym heard it with his fast speed, with enhanced senses, implying that there’s someone who can hear what Sephlapod is saying.

Sym attacks, does a lot of damage, but realizes when he goes to read Sephlapod’s mind… that there’s a lot of lumps on Sephlapod and all of them are brains. It’s a trap! But Sym blocks. A few of the brains fall off — brains that were inmates at an asylum, trying to drive Sym insane.

Sym deals d10 stress. Power Surge misses with the car at first, but flips it around and uppercuts him — landing the blow. The car disintegrates from the blow.

Shep uses his turn singing songs to get people to leave.

Sephlapod’s wounds start to heal. It looks like a step of healing.

Sym hits him again, bringing the stress back up again. But has to defend against the mind-trap counterattack.

Sephlapod keeps reporting, as if he’s learning from the attacks.

More brains fall off.

Rona investigates where the signal is coming from: Reporting is from Gamma Base at New Mexico.

Tarot uses his tase-grapple attack and lands with a massive fury, tripple flaring — electricuting sephlapod. The brains have all fallen off… and he fell. Tarot snapped some awesome photos for Twitter.

Sym tries to read the downed-sephlapod’s mind.

Power Surge notices the news chopper didn’t go away — and Power Surge’s good actions telling the crowd to run away gets aired on TV, getting exp for it.

Sym sees an image of a black-haired guy who was communicating with him in a very strange way — his lips weren’t moving. The room the guy was in looks like Gamma Base. There are guards standing by him who don’t have heads anymore… it’s clear it just happened. He hears the weird and alien voice of the guy… who’s saying I should go to Boston and kill as many people as possible, and kill hub squad — and let Sym touch me to trigger the trap. He says verbally ‘dont worry, when I need you, I’ll come back’

(I think he had extraterrestial tech)

Sym realizes seph is vuln to these attacks.. seph can have instructions planted in him.

scene ends…. we saved a lot of pepole… idiots who wouldn’t run

Group goes back to Gamma Base bringing seph back. The base is a horror scene, from the black-haired guy who probably has some badass telekenitic power, ripping heads from bodies, etc. The guy looks human. Surveillance taps reveal someone who’s clinically cold and “authentically” that way, not just an act. After he set Sephlapod free, kills the guy in the control room and rattles off villain monologue, “For those who see this tape” -- brings up evil church’s name, says it can be under his control or someone appropriate, wants people to give him or his kind the ‘focal point’ — wants the harpoon area. Then he left.

Change the zoning laws back… or the locals get it… is the gist.

Tarot realizes that the church needs to be consecrated or blessed to fix it. He calls in the Order of the Three Swords. They send the weirder folks than we’ve seen. They’re from the “asylum.” They say the place is “totally wrecked… it’ll never be a hellmouth.”

Tarot texts MVP and says he can have his community center plans back for the evil church area, the danger gone. MVP wants his next contest.

Terelli's Adventure 5/10/14
Notes from 5/11/14

Anyone can feel free to take a look at these notes and let me know what I got wrong or missed or should make more clear, etc. etc. etc. Chris, I know you took some notes, too. Feel free to add.

Notes from 5/10

“Parade of Violence”

Regular sized building, former spark area. Old school. That’s how we have such valuable land.
It’s ‘secret.’
1800 number, then secret number for authorities to call.
Minuteman’s niece — Jeanine — works for us, handling PR.
Team has a PO Box.

Ryan > 5 points > secret base is secret. (covers extra secret entrances including a subway entrance, etc.)
Chris + Terelli + Barnabo – each spent 5 points > living quarters
Ryan > spending 5 points on Aeaea for secret entrance, access, etc.
Lynne spent 15 points on her own base.
Ryan > spent 10 points on SFX: Doppleganger.

Starts with Jeanine, the PR gal. The City of Boston wants to set up a parade/fundraiser for Super Damage. We said no to a bunch of other things people wanted — though Tarot was high on the reality TV and book deals.

The parade happens.

Tarot tests the parade route for magic — finds a dormant fairie mount in the Boston Commons. Find an old cemetary stuck between buildings — magic whiff, but not active. Seems to be similar to how it was before.

Sym gets a message to ‘watch his back’ from someone with a dummie phone they bought at a store nearby.

At the stage, Sym sees someone far away on a building up high, with a hang-glider… racing down toward us. Wears a costume, triangular hat like a patriot would wear. Football jersey on, plus shoulder pads, etc.

Sym sends Shep there, flying to intercept. Shep misses, but makes sure hang-glider doesn’t hurt crowd.

Tarot grappled him, then Rona knocked him out.

Sym calms mayor, makes the glider seem like part of the act.

Later move to the hatshell for a concert. Jeanine calls — no good info on the text, but it matched the MO of a former comrade of Sym’s.

Hybrid water things come out of the water. Extended action mechanics are employed. Power Surge jumped into the water. Stayed there after the fight.

Lots of attacks. They were illusions. Nazis attacked minuteman when he came out.

Minuteman took a hit from a missile, but after his power ended, he fell down hurt.

Tarot checks and is sure that they’re not magical illusions.

Nanites are using components from Minuteman’s body to grow.

Tarot goes into the water and uses a spell to find Power Surge, changing the color of people — he’s water. Tarot uses magic to lift the liquid Power Surge into water, then uses another spell to ‘overload’ the mimic and turn him human.

Jeanine thinks that the only people who could get his powers are male offspring — and Jeanine is the last offspring, so only she could bear a male child.

Tarot goes to Minuteman in Rona’s “Secret Base” and creates a stasis field.

Jeanine was attacked on her way to see Minuteman.

Alarms are going off in our base, but for some reason we weren’t alerted on our phones.

Mechman at base with nazi symbols, they’re on the computers. Shep + Sym there. Jeanine isn’t. The mech was a mook, so went kablewy quickly.

The hard drive from the mech was saved. It was incredibly high tech. Rona took it and was amazed — better than what the government has. They use crystals to store information on. The crystal was cracked, so not all information was recoverable.

She found a coordinate in the English channel.

Jeanine is found to be in Worcester. The group requisitions a helicopter to bring them there.

They’re in Worcester by a hanger with a plane. We go into rounds.

We took down the plane and rescued Jeanine.

There was a bomb on the plane that was triggered — Power Surge power jumped and power threw the sucker.

When everyone is back and Jeanine is saved… they find that Jeanine’s capacity to have kids was gone — eggs stolen — through very precise surgical procedure.

Session ends with Sym saying ‘text (from early in the session) to watch her back could have been from Beckham — or a friend from the program.’

Sym remembers that there was a guy from his program named “Flintlock” who always said “watch your back.”

Re: Minuteman We found way to kill the nanites because of the stasis field — since the statis field kept them still, Rona could target them individually and eliminate the nanites.

There was an email sent to Sym of a person’s grave, from a person who climbed out of it (from the inside out). Sym remembers who was buried there — a person called Arcon.

Remembers “uber tech”

Chris's Adventure on 4/26/14

Group starts trying to find Snap.

Rona admits Darnsby was onto something that could have replicated her cool thing — but didn’t want to give up the word Nuetralina.

Some wanted to study Darnsby more in Aeaea.

Shephard, Power Surge and Rona went to DC to the archive, 12 stories below the surface. It’s an old archive with low security and all old stuff in it that the government doesn’t care very much about now — mostly WW2 era.

Sym and Tarot went to Aeaea to calm Dr. Darnsby.

Tarot uses tarot cards to find location of Dansby’s kids. Mansion like a citadel, lots of super activity there. It’s not further than 50 miles away. Tarot texted that info to Beckham and the group, hoping the NSA may be able to find them.

Rona in DC finds that there are ways to not only interact with Nuetralina energy, but control it and accumalate them — and that everyone has a unique neutralina energy reading. Rona destroys as much of the nuetralina evidence that she could in the timespan that she had.

She also admits that her powers weren’t an accident, and (at least to Tarot) that Dansby’s research is related to her powers.

Rona asks Beckham for a list of everyone who visited the archive, gets the log. There’s only been about 3 dozen people logged in over the past 5 years. 3-4 people in the last few months. Has background checks also run on Dansby’s research assistants.

Dansby purchased stuff in Chicago — equipment.

Beckham wants to know what Rona’s nervous about — what she thought Dansby was after.

Rona refuses to tell Beckham what Dansby was looking for.

Beckham finds a mansion that has people on Rona’s ‘list’

Leopold and Penalopy Erkhart — on the log, and own a mansion on Nahant that fits Tarot’s description.

The group wants to know if anyone’s tried to contact Dansby — they turn on his phone. There’s a voicemail. Snap’s voice is on there — I don’t know how you knew, but it doesn’t matter now, because we have the wife and kids… and you need to hand over Dansby.

Group fights about ways to mask themselves as Dansby. “I know it hasn’t gone terribly wrong yet, because I haven’t come back from the future and said ’don’t do this.’” – Power Surge.

The plan ends up being the Tarot will masquarade as Dansby through sorcery and Power Surge will Mimic shrink to hop on board the Tarot train. Beckham agrees to set up the ‘hostage trade’ using Tarot. FBI suvs show up at our secret base — 6 show up.

15 score d10 dice for Tarot’s covert/disguise ability while going as Dansby — has a good read on playing the part of Dansby.. and science would be needed to defeat the roll.

The FBI agent publicly says “you’re done” to Rona and Sym “this is our case now.” Tarot goes with them as Dansby, with Power Surge there in secret.

The rest of the group goes to the Asgard to ‘slip away in the little vigilantes room’ so they can get closer to Nahant in case of a rescue.

Phone goes off while Tarot’s in the car — the drop off point is the Boston Commons. Snaps pops in the SUV, drops grav spell on them so they can’t move, then pops off with Tarot. They show up outside the mansion.

Jim and John dressed up with toolbelts, etc. come… both have the same costume. Tarot as Dansby brought to the conservatory. They kid and wife are sent to Chicago, then Snap comes back. Brought downstairs into lab.

Attractive blond Michael Fassenbender guy as in Prometheus. his name is Richard.

“we need to be on board this time” working together.

Another guy dressed in cybertech. “Hey Dick, this is bullshit. He’s got company.” He detects Power Surge.

A woman in a lab coat with glasses — Nicki — Power Surge turns into Nicki, but it’s through Chris’s stearing (he gave Terelli a chip)

The cybertech guy says that’s the other person.

Tarot as Dansby is asked why Nicki is there – as iif they had been working tgoether or something. Tarot vaguely says he isn’t sure why she’s there.

It was unexpected.

It looks like they have a spark device — “let’s spark him” – as in Tarot as Dansby. Then Snap says the gravity power worked out great, as in they already tried the spark device.

Power Surge has a flashback of destroying something, then sneaking back in, then snapping out of it. As Nicki. “That’s a lovely shade of red my nails are” he says — one of the people is someone Surge has fought before.

He has a lot of memories of people, including the real Dansby — and that Dansby worked on the same project before.

Cutaway to the others above Nahant in the clouds. THey see a private graveyard with fresh digs.

Tarot as Dansby says “i don’t want to be sparked yet, I want to make sure this works.”

“Now that’s the Dansby I remember.” is what one of the people in the building says.

The people are motioned to the panel. Then they try to escape. Power Surge throws the thing at Snap. They disappear first.

Tarot captures penalope with his grappling hook, Power Surge captures the Leopold, the husband.

Penelope says to Tarot “you’re not supposed to know him.” (referring to the other scientist.)

Penelope says “The promethesus is generous. Richard Crantz is the promethean.”

Surge calls for the backup to arrive. Shepard comes crashing in.

Jim and John, she says, call themselves The Caretakers. They have necromatic powers.

Tarot asks Sym to mind-rape them and figure out what they were doing. They had a sparked infant that sparked itself into death.

The Promethean is ahead of Rona… with a machine that can collect neutralina. The machine creates spark events. It’s killed norms, don’t know if it works for norms. It’s given Snap a new power — the gravity well.

Tarot gets the real Dansby, makes sure Dansby isn’t a villain (he questioned him about the spark machine — Dansby didn’t know what Tarot was talking about). Then he takes Dansby back to the group.

Power Surge tells them about the memories he had about Nicki, in which she attacked Promethian in a different lab.

Promethian knew Nicki.

Dansby was happy to learn that Rona didn’t really sell out — that she continued her research and the ‘money making’ stuff was just to fund the research.

Rona offered Beckham as a solution; Beckham could fund a government lab, keep Dansby’s family safe.

Rona meets Beckham — she wanted Sym in the room to read Beckham’s mind… Beckham was having none of that. Rona still meets anyway.

Rona tells Beckham a lot, after struggling immensely to spill it. Beckham thought Rona’s powers were a Nuetralina experiment that went long; learns that it was a Nuetralina experiment that went right.

Beckham asks if there could have been anyone who looked at Rona’s paper that made it seem like nuetralina was a dead end, and saw it as a source for further study… but kept it hidden. Beckham already said they knew of one. She says she could replicate her experiment and that it was a stable experiment and application — even if there was some small degree of risk. (Seemingly much smaller than Prometheans, who we know has killed people through his experiments.)

Beckham says Richard Krantz (Promethean) doesn’t exist as far as they know. Rona said Promethean claims to be a distant relative of hers.

Rona says she offered to bring Dansby “in” to Beckham. Beckham says she’ll trust Dansby, let him be the liason.

Beckham says she’s behind, but now that she has the destroyed spark lab will hopefully catch up.

Rona says “what do you suggest.”

Notes from Chris’s adventure on 4/26/14 — let me know what I got wrong, missed or should make clearer, etc. etc.

Beckham “covert is if we know what he wants we can set a trap.” Needs Rona to share information — needs to understand neutralina.

Rona is “tired of being the only one”

Rona decides to tell Beckham all the things that would go into making neutralina and enough about the process so that they can go find anyone trying to research nuetralina… like Promethean. Sym will be brought into it to read scientists minds to detect motives… so they can be trusted… to help make it easier for Beckham.

Sym meets with Power Surge, says he’ll track down Nicki and make sure she’s alive.

Sym finds Nicki and she didn’t have the memories that Surge had in his memories. Surge later does a Power Sense on her and she has no powers. Surge later tries turning back into Nicki again, succeeds, but didn’t have a spark memory like he did in the mansion before.

Chris's Adventure 4/12/14

Here’s my notes from Chris’s session on 4/12/14 — let me know if I got anything wrong, missed anything or should make anything clearer, etc. My notes from this session look kind of skimpy, so feel free to fill in any gaps.

Chris GM session 4.12.14

At Asgard with the guys… his name is Dr. Marcus Dansby. Looking for Rona. He’s a former employer.

Wants social meeting with her.

Shep sends text to Rona about it, who comes.

Marcus and she speaks; she’s worried she’s going to have to mind-erase him because he’s interested in her past research

She talks to Sym after. Sym roundabout asks if it’s okay if Rona knows what she knows. If she can be trusted with it, he argues there must be others out there who could be too.

She worries he’s smart enough to have seen through the fact that she wrote her paper in a way to throw people off from neutralina.

The team goes to see his presentation – Rona has Sym look into his mind and find out that he’s on the road to finding neutralina. Tarot went to presentation as Brendan Thomas. She asks Tarot to create an illusion for a monster attack to get people to flee – to kill the presentation. Tarot does; it works as Shepard flips out and starts swinging.

Snap shows up looking for the scientists; tries to take scientists. Marcus was already sent away by Rona.

Tarot swooped in and kicked butt – Snap escaped, but later took Dr. Marcus’s wife and family.

Tarot hid Dansby after that in Aeaa while we would take care of business – to keep him safe.
One of Beckhams’ men was there. He said Marcus had clearance to see ‘the archive.’

There was a nazi scientist who, Dr. Gustof Arndt – Dr. Crank – dansby’s work was derivative of ancient research by Dr. Crank. Was looking “Z-waves.”

Chris's Adventure on 2/23/14

Here’s my notes from 2/23/14 — let me know if I got anything wrong, missed anything or should make anything clearer, etc.

Note… I was calling Shepard “Angel” at this point… woops.

Session 3
Surge and Angel at the Asgard and there’s the Night and Mr. Homeless.

On Rona’s Cell – Dynetronic Systems. Run lab in Medford. Dr. Sheridam – says they’re under attack, but gets cut off. “Hang up that phone” says the attacker.

Rona tries to get to the base, but fails her neutralino wall slinging trick, then gets there last.
People meet up at the base, Tarot teleports there.

Tarot detected senses, detects it for a bonus… defends against the poison attack. Then creates a magneto style shield

Power Surge uses mimic to create ag ateway, rest of the team follows. Tarot stops Angel from coming in.

Power Surge took an opportunity and now has a gas mask.

Angel is flying around, ready to swoop in.

Rona rolled for gas masks, but failed.

Tarot teleports into the room, succeeding with a d10.

There’s 9 people – 7 gas hench men 2 spandex people inside room.

Rona spends her turn creating an asset to use to create a fix to the poison gas , so she and Sync can go into the building.

2 of the villain gets away with the sci stuff, the mooks are still there to fight.

Power Surge saved some people, tried to pull the alarm but it wouldn’t go off.

Tarot is attacked by the mooks, teleports into different part of the room.

Angel uses area effect Christian guilt on villains and mooks to all those in voice range.

Tarot takes an opportunity to create a water elemental resource to put the fire out.

Sym gets into the room through the villain’s entrance that he found, then attempts to nueral link with the villain. Neural Link failed.

The teleporting villain comes back in, gets the other villain away. Sym used neural link on a mafia mook and found out some background info, Rona uses science to discover what they were doing – but failed. Power Surge took an opportunity to discover that the machines that were used could be used to work on neutralina energy.

The villians – Snap = teleported. Snafu was the electric villain, who butchered the building’s electrical systems.

Mooks from the Markazi crime family. They have a restaurant at the ground floor of their ‘base.’ The Spandex Guys are regulars in the family – so this family has supers.

Rona looks into who would have resources to look into Neutralina and the only one who had any change was Diana Testerman – a grad student last known at UC Davis, her old boss was a “known sexist prick.” She left, but Rona couldn’t be sure where without involving government resources.

Angel talks to Beckham to get info on Testerman – Beckham wants to know more, but doesn’t get it. (Rona doesn’t want to talk about Nuetralina)

Power Surge, Sym and Angel go to the Markazi restaurant. Tarot goes as Brendan, unbeknownst to the group. Sym goes in costume – Power Surge goes in costume. Angel just shows up. Brendan is there as Brendan.

Brendan ‘s first trip here… and he can sniff the magic in the building. It’s warded. That’s how they’ve kept the FBI out.

Power Surge calls out the mob after seated and being given a free bottle of ’82 Merlot
Guy comes in from the backroom. Anyone can roll crime to figure things out about him. Power Surge knows he’s a made man and noteworthy in the family. Mobster is an impressive physical specimen. (Michael)

Mobster admits it, that he was foiled.

“You still got paid to do that job and you still got away with it.”

Mobster says there was supposed to be nothing to tie it back, so that it was foiled.

Who hired you? Power Surge asks. Mobster offers to sell that information at an astronomical cost, since it would betray a client.

Power Surge flexes his muscles and intimidates to cause emotional stress – lands a d12 effect.

Tarot as Brendan is asked to leave. He goes outside to observe, pretends he’s coming back. Then uses sorcery to crunch the building’s wards.

The mobsters attack. Power Surge is not hurt, then it’s Angel’s turn… who goes fire AOE. But he misses.

Tarot attacks the building’s ward and hits, but doesn’t take it down.

Rona attacks the sniper with his whip and whacks him with her nuetrralina whips through the hole in the wall and lands with a d12 stress.

Tarot attacks the ward twice – it’s almost gone, but he can tell this ward is old school and built by someone good. He’s going to get it down, but
I get the idea “Holy Shit, Witches of Thessii” a witch cult from ancient times who’s current incarnation is that the operate like a familial secret society – from Tarot’s knowledge.

Power Surge chasing Peter Makazi. “We own your ass. We already got the info we already needed from you, so we can make everything think that you squealed.”

Peter’s cell phone goes off. He psises himself and faints. It’s the don. Peter is in line to inherit. So there’s talk of a “negotiation.”

The building is very secure. Peter’s grandmother is the witch. They taell the team about the ward. The building could go kablewy. The team, minus Tarot who’s still working on taking down the ward, goes up stairs on a truce.

Tarot creates a resource that’s a ward-busting crystal type thing that he hides to take the ward down over time, then gets back to the team. They go up elevator. It opens.

Just as the mob boss says he’ll try to tell us about the building in a roundabout way that wouldn’t break the agreement, a bullet goes through his head. Six other mooks are killed too, a huge chunk of the mooks on the don’s side.

Snap and other villains appear. One of them killed the don. That’s a double cross on Snap’s part. No doubt it will create a power vacuum in Boston’s mob scene.

Power Surge has a good sense of where the new villains in the scene are – even though they’re invisible.

Power Surge leaps and grapples snap, succeeds. Angel tries to whack Snap. GM spends a doom die and misses.

Tarot places a tracer on Snap for his turn, so Tarot can follow him anywhere.

The mob goes next, targeting Snap for killing their Don… of course Power Surge is in the way, too, grappled.

Tarot chases Snap teleport for teleport, until eventually getting himself knocked out by a trap set for him.

We find out from Sym about Promethean, who has a ‘cult’ and says he can create powers. He arranged the whole stealing of the tech, but we couldn’t find from snap what he wanted to do with it or where Promethean was.

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