The Hub

Barnabo's Adventure 5/17/14

“Enter… the Nihilist.”

The team teleports to St. Loious — Tarot arrives first, having spent a pp to teleport all the way there off an opportunity so he wouldn’t need to depend on Power Surge’s mimic.

Tarot talks to Sephlapod… who understood, but decided to descend in for attack instead of talk back.

The group comes and sets up attack. Tarot misses, Rona sets up a car for Power Surge to attack. Sephlapod goes to attack Tarot… with a wicked attack, but hits Tarot’s doppleganger, who wasn’t even there.

Sephlapod screams in pain. Dr. Sephlapod says “Subject Tarot just used an illusion to dodge and wasn’t even there.” he demanded upgrades. Sym heard it with his fast speed, with enhanced senses, implying that there’s someone who can hear what Sephlapod is saying.

Sym attacks, does a lot of damage, but realizes when he goes to read Sephlapod’s mind… that there’s a lot of lumps on Sephlapod and all of them are brains. It’s a trap! But Sym blocks. A few of the brains fall off — brains that were inmates at an asylum, trying to drive Sym insane.

Sym deals d10 stress. Power Surge misses with the car at first, but flips it around and uppercuts him — landing the blow. The car disintegrates from the blow.

Shep uses his turn singing songs to get people to leave.

Sephlapod’s wounds start to heal. It looks like a step of healing.

Sym hits him again, bringing the stress back up again. But has to defend against the mind-trap counterattack.

Sephlapod keeps reporting, as if he’s learning from the attacks.

More brains fall off.

Rona investigates where the signal is coming from: Reporting is from Gamma Base at New Mexico.

Tarot uses his tase-grapple attack and lands with a massive fury, tripple flaring — electricuting sephlapod. The brains have all fallen off… and he fell. Tarot snapped some awesome photos for Twitter.

Sym tries to read the downed-sephlapod’s mind.

Power Surge notices the news chopper didn’t go away — and Power Surge’s good actions telling the crowd to run away gets aired on TV, getting exp for it.

Sym sees an image of a black-haired guy who was communicating with him in a very strange way — his lips weren’t moving. The room the guy was in looks like Gamma Base. There are guards standing by him who don’t have heads anymore… it’s clear it just happened. He hears the weird and alien voice of the guy… who’s saying I should go to Boston and kill as many people as possible, and kill hub squad — and let Sym touch me to trigger the trap. He says verbally ‘dont worry, when I need you, I’ll come back’

(I think he had extraterrestial tech)

Sym realizes seph is vuln to these attacks.. seph can have instructions planted in him.

scene ends…. we saved a lot of pepole… idiots who wouldn’t run

Group goes back to Gamma Base bringing seph back. The base is a horror scene, from the black-haired guy who probably has some badass telekenitic power, ripping heads from bodies, etc. The guy looks human. Surveillance taps reveal someone who’s clinically cold and “authentically” that way, not just an act. After he set Sephlapod free, kills the guy in the control room and rattles off villain monologue, “For those who see this tape” -- brings up evil church’s name, says it can be under his control or someone appropriate, wants people to give him or his kind the ‘focal point’ — wants the harpoon area. Then he left.

Change the zoning laws back… or the locals get it… is the gist.

Tarot realizes that the church needs to be consecrated or blessed to fix it. He calls in the Order of the Three Swords. They send the weirder folks than we’ve seen. They’re from the “asylum.” They say the place is “totally wrecked… it’ll never be a hellmouth.”

Tarot texts MVP and says he can have his community center plans back for the evil church area, the danger gone. MVP wants his next contest.



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