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Chris's Adventure 4/12/14

Here’s my notes from Chris’s session on 4/12/14 — let me know if I got anything wrong, missed anything or should make anything clearer, etc. My notes from this session look kind of skimpy, so feel free to fill in any gaps.

Chris GM session 4.12.14

At Asgard with the guys… his name is Dr. Marcus Dansby. Looking for Rona. He’s a former employer.

Wants social meeting with her.

Shep sends text to Rona about it, who comes.

Marcus and she speaks; she’s worried she’s going to have to mind-erase him because he’s interested in her past research

She talks to Sym after. Sym roundabout asks if it’s okay if Rona knows what she knows. If she can be trusted with it, he argues there must be others out there who could be too.

She worries he’s smart enough to have seen through the fact that she wrote her paper in a way to throw people off from neutralina.

The team goes to see his presentation – Rona has Sym look into his mind and find out that he’s on the road to finding neutralina. Tarot went to presentation as Brendan Thomas. She asks Tarot to create an illusion for a monster attack to get people to flee – to kill the presentation. Tarot does; it works as Shepard flips out and starts swinging.

Snap shows up looking for the scientists; tries to take scientists. Marcus was already sent away by Rona.

Tarot swooped in and kicked butt – Snap escaped, but later took Dr. Marcus’s wife and family.

Tarot hid Dansby after that in Aeaa while we would take care of business – to keep him safe.
One of Beckhams’ men was there. He said Marcus had clearance to see ‘the archive.’

There was a nazi scientist who, Dr. Gustof Arndt – Dr. Crank – dansby’s work was derivative of ancient research by Dr. Crank. Was looking “Z-waves.”



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