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Chris's Adventure on 2/23/14

Here’s my notes from 2/23/14 — let me know if I got anything wrong, missed anything or should make anything clearer, etc.

Note… I was calling Shepard “Angel” at this point… woops.

Session 3
Surge and Angel at the Asgard and there’s the Night and Mr. Homeless.

On Rona’s Cell – Dynetronic Systems. Run lab in Medford. Dr. Sheridam – says they’re under attack, but gets cut off. “Hang up that phone” says the attacker.

Rona tries to get to the base, but fails her neutralino wall slinging trick, then gets there last.
People meet up at the base, Tarot teleports there.

Tarot detected senses, detects it for a bonus… defends against the poison attack. Then creates a magneto style shield

Power Surge uses mimic to create ag ateway, rest of the team follows. Tarot stops Angel from coming in.

Power Surge took an opportunity and now has a gas mask.

Angel is flying around, ready to swoop in.

Rona rolled for gas masks, but failed.

Tarot teleports into the room, succeeding with a d10.

There’s 9 people – 7 gas hench men 2 spandex people inside room.

Rona spends her turn creating an asset to use to create a fix to the poison gas , so she and Sync can go into the building.

2 of the villain gets away with the sci stuff, the mooks are still there to fight.

Power Surge saved some people, tried to pull the alarm but it wouldn’t go off.

Tarot is attacked by the mooks, teleports into different part of the room.

Angel uses area effect Christian guilt on villains and mooks to all those in voice range.

Tarot takes an opportunity to create a water elemental resource to put the fire out.

Sym gets into the room through the villain’s entrance that he found, then attempts to nueral link with the villain. Neural Link failed.

The teleporting villain comes back in, gets the other villain away. Sym used neural link on a mafia mook and found out some background info, Rona uses science to discover what they were doing – but failed. Power Surge took an opportunity to discover that the machines that were used could be used to work on neutralina energy.

The villians – Snap = teleported. Snafu was the electric villain, who butchered the building’s electrical systems.

Mooks from the Markazi crime family. They have a restaurant at the ground floor of their ‘base.’ The Spandex Guys are regulars in the family – so this family has supers.

Rona looks into who would have resources to look into Neutralina and the only one who had any change was Diana Testerman – a grad student last known at UC Davis, her old boss was a “known sexist prick.” She left, but Rona couldn’t be sure where without involving government resources.

Angel talks to Beckham to get info on Testerman – Beckham wants to know more, but doesn’t get it. (Rona doesn’t want to talk about Nuetralina)

Power Surge, Sym and Angel go to the Markazi restaurant. Tarot goes as Brendan, unbeknownst to the group. Sym goes in costume – Power Surge goes in costume. Angel just shows up. Brendan is there as Brendan.

Brendan ‘s first trip here… and he can sniff the magic in the building. It’s warded. That’s how they’ve kept the FBI out.

Power Surge calls out the mob after seated and being given a free bottle of ’82 Merlot
Guy comes in from the backroom. Anyone can roll crime to figure things out about him. Power Surge knows he’s a made man and noteworthy in the family. Mobster is an impressive physical specimen. (Michael)

Mobster admits it, that he was foiled.

“You still got paid to do that job and you still got away with it.”

Mobster says there was supposed to be nothing to tie it back, so that it was foiled.

Who hired you? Power Surge asks. Mobster offers to sell that information at an astronomical cost, since it would betray a client.

Power Surge flexes his muscles and intimidates to cause emotional stress – lands a d12 effect.

Tarot as Brendan is asked to leave. He goes outside to observe, pretends he’s coming back. Then uses sorcery to crunch the building’s wards.

The mobsters attack. Power Surge is not hurt, then it’s Angel’s turn… who goes fire AOE. But he misses.

Tarot attacks the building’s ward and hits, but doesn’t take it down.

Rona attacks the sniper with his whip and whacks him with her nuetrralina whips through the hole in the wall and lands with a d12 stress.

Tarot attacks the ward twice – it’s almost gone, but he can tell this ward is old school and built by someone good. He’s going to get it down, but
I get the idea “Holy Shit, Witches of Thessii” a witch cult from ancient times who’s current incarnation is that the operate like a familial secret society – from Tarot’s knowledge.

Power Surge chasing Peter Makazi. “We own your ass. We already got the info we already needed from you, so we can make everything think that you squealed.”

Peter’s cell phone goes off. He psises himself and faints. It’s the don. Peter is in line to inherit. So there’s talk of a “negotiation.”

The building is very secure. Peter’s grandmother is the witch. They taell the team about the ward. The building could go kablewy. The team, minus Tarot who’s still working on taking down the ward, goes up stairs on a truce.

Tarot creates a resource that’s a ward-busting crystal type thing that he hides to take the ward down over time, then gets back to the team. They go up elevator. It opens.

Just as the mob boss says he’ll try to tell us about the building in a roundabout way that wouldn’t break the agreement, a bullet goes through his head. Six other mooks are killed too, a huge chunk of the mooks on the don’s side.

Snap and other villains appear. One of them killed the don. That’s a double cross on Snap’s part. No doubt it will create a power vacuum in Boston’s mob scene.

Power Surge has a good sense of where the new villains in the scene are – even though they’re invisible.

Power Surge leaps and grapples snap, succeeds. Angel tries to whack Snap. GM spends a doom die and misses.

Tarot places a tracer on Snap for his turn, so Tarot can follow him anywhere.

The mob goes next, targeting Snap for killing their Don… of course Power Surge is in the way, too, grappled.

Tarot chases Snap teleport for teleport, until eventually getting himself knocked out by a trap set for him.

We find out from Sym about Promethean, who has a ‘cult’ and says he can create powers. He arranged the whole stealing of the tech, but we couldn’t find from snap what he wanted to do with it or where Promethean was.



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