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Chris's Adventure on 4/26/14

Group starts trying to find Snap.

Rona admits Darnsby was onto something that could have replicated her cool thing — but didn’t want to give up the word Nuetralina.

Some wanted to study Darnsby more in Aeaea.

Shephard, Power Surge and Rona went to DC to the archive, 12 stories below the surface. It’s an old archive with low security and all old stuff in it that the government doesn’t care very much about now — mostly WW2 era.

Sym and Tarot went to Aeaea to calm Dr. Darnsby.

Tarot uses tarot cards to find location of Dansby’s kids. Mansion like a citadel, lots of super activity there. It’s not further than 50 miles away. Tarot texted that info to Beckham and the group, hoping the NSA may be able to find them.

Rona in DC finds that there are ways to not only interact with Nuetralina energy, but control it and accumalate them — and that everyone has a unique neutralina energy reading. Rona destroys as much of the nuetralina evidence that she could in the timespan that she had.

She also admits that her powers weren’t an accident, and (at least to Tarot) that Dansby’s research is related to her powers.

Rona asks Beckham for a list of everyone who visited the archive, gets the log. There’s only been about 3 dozen people logged in over the past 5 years. 3-4 people in the last few months. Has background checks also run on Dansby’s research assistants.

Dansby purchased stuff in Chicago — equipment.

Beckham wants to know what Rona’s nervous about — what she thought Dansby was after.

Rona refuses to tell Beckham what Dansby was looking for.

Beckham finds a mansion that has people on Rona’s ‘list’

Leopold and Penalopy Erkhart — on the log, and own a mansion on Nahant that fits Tarot’s description.

The group wants to know if anyone’s tried to contact Dansby — they turn on his phone. There’s a voicemail. Snap’s voice is on there — I don’t know how you knew, but it doesn’t matter now, because we have the wife and kids… and you need to hand over Dansby.

Group fights about ways to mask themselves as Dansby. “I know it hasn’t gone terribly wrong yet, because I haven’t come back from the future and said ’don’t do this.’” – Power Surge.

The plan ends up being the Tarot will masquarade as Dansby through sorcery and Power Surge will Mimic shrink to hop on board the Tarot train. Beckham agrees to set up the ‘hostage trade’ using Tarot. FBI suvs show up at our secret base — 6 show up.

15 score d10 dice for Tarot’s covert/disguise ability while going as Dansby — has a good read on playing the part of Dansby.. and science would be needed to defeat the roll.

The FBI agent publicly says “you’re done” to Rona and Sym “this is our case now.” Tarot goes with them as Dansby, with Power Surge there in secret.

The rest of the group goes to the Asgard to ‘slip away in the little vigilantes room’ so they can get closer to Nahant in case of a rescue.

Phone goes off while Tarot’s in the car — the drop off point is the Boston Commons. Snaps pops in the SUV, drops grav spell on them so they can’t move, then pops off with Tarot. They show up outside the mansion.

Jim and John dressed up with toolbelts, etc. come… both have the same costume. Tarot as Dansby brought to the conservatory. They kid and wife are sent to Chicago, then Snap comes back. Brought downstairs into lab.

Attractive blond Michael Fassenbender guy as in Prometheus. his name is Richard.

“we need to be on board this time” working together.

Another guy dressed in cybertech. “Hey Dick, this is bullshit. He’s got company.” He detects Power Surge.

A woman in a lab coat with glasses — Nicki — Power Surge turns into Nicki, but it’s through Chris’s stearing (he gave Terelli a chip)

The cybertech guy says that’s the other person.

Tarot as Dansby is asked why Nicki is there – as iif they had been working tgoether or something. Tarot vaguely says he isn’t sure why she’s there.

It was unexpected.

It looks like they have a spark device — “let’s spark him” – as in Tarot as Dansby. Then Snap says the gravity power worked out great, as in they already tried the spark device.

Power Surge has a flashback of destroying something, then sneaking back in, then snapping out of it. As Nicki. “That’s a lovely shade of red my nails are” he says — one of the people is someone Surge has fought before.

He has a lot of memories of people, including the real Dansby — and that Dansby worked on the same project before.

Cutaway to the others above Nahant in the clouds. THey see a private graveyard with fresh digs.

Tarot as Dansby says “i don’t want to be sparked yet, I want to make sure this works.”

“Now that’s the Dansby I remember.” is what one of the people in the building says.

The people are motioned to the panel. Then they try to escape. Power Surge throws the thing at Snap. They disappear first.

Tarot captures penalope with his grappling hook, Power Surge captures the Leopold, the husband.

Penelope says to Tarot “you’re not supposed to know him.” (referring to the other scientist.)

Penelope says “The promethesus is generous. Richard Crantz is the promethean.”

Surge calls for the backup to arrive. Shepard comes crashing in.

Jim and John, she says, call themselves The Caretakers. They have necromatic powers.

Tarot asks Sym to mind-rape them and figure out what they were doing. They had a sparked infant that sparked itself into death.

The Promethean is ahead of Rona… with a machine that can collect neutralina. The machine creates spark events. It’s killed norms, don’t know if it works for norms. It’s given Snap a new power — the gravity well.

Tarot gets the real Dansby, makes sure Dansby isn’t a villain (he questioned him about the spark machine — Dansby didn’t know what Tarot was talking about). Then he takes Dansby back to the group.

Power Surge tells them about the memories he had about Nicki, in which she attacked Promethian in a different lab.

Promethian knew Nicki.

Dansby was happy to learn that Rona didn’t really sell out — that she continued her research and the ‘money making’ stuff was just to fund the research.

Rona offered Beckham as a solution; Beckham could fund a government lab, keep Dansby’s family safe.

Rona meets Beckham — she wanted Sym in the room to read Beckham’s mind… Beckham was having none of that. Rona still meets anyway.

Rona tells Beckham a lot, after struggling immensely to spill it. Beckham thought Rona’s powers were a Nuetralina experiment that went long; learns that it was a Nuetralina experiment that went right.

Beckham asks if there could have been anyone who looked at Rona’s paper that made it seem like nuetralina was a dead end, and saw it as a source for further study… but kept it hidden. Beckham already said they knew of one. She says she could replicate her experiment and that it was a stable experiment and application — even if there was some small degree of risk. (Seemingly much smaller than Prometheans, who we know has killed people through his experiments.)

Beckham says Richard Krantz (Promethean) doesn’t exist as far as they know. Rona said Promethean claims to be a distant relative of hers.

Rona says she offered to bring Dansby “in” to Beckham. Beckham says she’ll trust Dansby, let him be the liason.

Beckham says she’s behind, but now that she has the destroyed spark lab will hopefully catch up.

Rona says “what do you suggest.”

Notes from Chris’s adventure on 4/26/14 — let me know what I got wrong, missed or should make clearer, etc. etc.

Beckham “covert is if we know what he wants we can set a trap.” Needs Rona to share information — needs to understand neutralina.

Rona is “tired of being the only one”

Rona decides to tell Beckham all the things that would go into making neutralina and enough about the process so that they can go find anyone trying to research nuetralina… like Promethean. Sym will be brought into it to read scientists minds to detect motives… so they can be trusted… to help make it easier for Beckham.

Sym meets with Power Surge, says he’ll track down Nicki and make sure she’s alive.

Sym finds Nicki and she didn’t have the memories that Surge had in his memories. Surge later does a Power Sense on her and she has no powers. Surge later tries turning back into Nicki again, succeeds, but didn’t have a spark memory like he did in the mansion before.



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