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Ryan's adventure 5/31

Operation Sanctity Lines

Sanctity of the Misanthrope

These notes are based off my memory… so if I got anything wrong, missed anything or whatever, please let me know in the comments.

Spent xp — Terelli bought the SFX: Multipower for one of his power sets.

Act 1 Milestone: Anti-Misanthrope

1 pt. Save an innocent from the ravages of true misanthropy.
3 pt. Wipe out a misanthropic well.
10 pt. Convert or be converted.

EXP Store… 5xp buys a someone at the NSA or Order of Three Swords with a Specialty. 10 XP buys a kick-ass fighter, like King Carbonite or someone from the Order.

Session notes:

A boy knocks on the door. Sym opens it.

He’s Aramis St. Michael, from “the citadel of St. Michael,” which is part of the Order of Three Swords. He’s dressed in a monk’s robes, bears a giant cross on his back and looks about 12.

He’s looking for Shepard.

Sym and Aramis speak for a while; he learns that Aramis has had almost no exposure to the outer world and doesn’t know of things as simple as who JFK was or what candy is like.

Aramis didn’t want to tell exactly where he came from and got caught in a lie — saying he had God’s GPS, finally fessing up to having a map.

We learn his name comes from “literature” — specifically, one of the Three Muskateers.

We learn that the giant cross he bears has powes, including the power of flight.

As he meets up with Shepard, we learn that Aramis is here because he’s having something of an identity crisis.

He’s about to graduate from his school, St. Francis Boys Academy of Righteous Youth, and be sent into the seminary — one less about religion and more about being a warrior for god. We find out that he’s a bit of a prodigy and the “Crucifixer” at his church, the kid who bears the cross at mass, which is a position of honor.

We also learn that he, like everyone from where he’s from, is an orphan — born from a monk and a nun, but raised without knowing who his parents are and without his parents knowing who he is, which is the standard practice there and how they fill their ranks.

He views Shepard as the only one in the entire world who could relate to him and provide him with the kind of advice and guidance that he needs, since he and Shepard wield two of the most powerful weapons in the Order — and because, while there are plenty of Qui Gon Jins in the Order who toot to their own horn, there’s only one Shepard in the Church — who rejected them outright.

Aramis is taking a leave ‘early’ so he can stay with Shephard and collect his thoughts — get mentored — but has the blessing of the Order and church to do that. He isn’t a runaway.

Aramis sticks around for a couple days, after the group lets him stay there seeing him as a bit of a danger to others and sensing the opportunity to expose him to the world. They find he’s a typical 12 year old in some ways — namely, he can be a bit of a pest — but that he trains and studies incessantly. He also acts fairly independently, including going around the city of Boston to check things out all on his own — though Shepard sometimes flew around to keep an eye out.

Power Surge takes a lie detector power from the Power Well and tests Aramis to make sure he hasn’t lied — and he seems pretty genuine, for good or bad. Power Surge also calls up the Order and asks about Aramis — finds out his story is mostly accurate, and that the Order is hoping Aramis will ‘find his way’ over time if they let him go.

At some point soon thereafter, Boston is hit by a bad Earthquake, a 6.5 on the richter scale. As the team goes off to help, they’re called by Beckham to let them know that there’s been readings of some kind of a portal being opened that could be the cause.

The team heads off to the Back Bay area to check it out, since that’s the center of where the damage is at, particularly at the John Hancock Tower, since there were reports that that building was in bad shape.

When getting there, a huge rumble appears near them as a spherical alien ship appears there. They also hear from Aramis — who was at the nearby Christian Science center — that there’s dozens of aliens there.

The team is attacked by the alien Captain and his minions, but prevails.

Power Surge creates a Portal using the Power Well to get Rona there, since she was still at her lab.

He also gets Aramis at the same time — just as he was about to be overwhelmed from the aliens.

Between the scientific readings and what Aramis has to say, it’s pretty clear that the center of the attacks is at the Christian Science center — so the team decides to go there next.

Aramis takes Power Surge on his cross, flying into the sky. They realize that the alien ships are definitely not flying — and simply porting in. They also notice that there are alien vessels all across the city.

By the time Aramis and Power Surge fly back down at the Christian Science center, the rest of the team is not too far behind. There’s a lot of aliens there and a bunch of spheres, but one huge sphere that clearly belongs to the person in charge.

There are waves and waves of aliens to attack, but Shepard mows throw them very effectively with his sword. Rona, Sym and Aramis focus on the ship, with Sym ripping off the hatch and dropping Aramis inside to clear out the minions — which he does pretty quickly.

Soon after, though, the Admiral blasts open another entrance in the middle of the sphere, where he then comically uses a ray gun to telekenitcally bring out a podium and human video cameras from his ship — so he can have a little press conference.

He announces himself as Admiral Moosquatcha Lelow Fastidious, and he tells the world that he’s here because they found a means of immortality — and that it’s the Mapparium inside the Christian Science Library. He’s offended that the humans found it first and obviously has contempt for their species. He announces that he needs it for his queen, who is sick, and that they’ll also be taking 10,000 of the world’s children to work at her palace (as slaves).

There’s a fight with the team. His ray gun is pretty kick butt, as its telekenisis can be used for blocking. He even attempts to drop a bus on Sym and Power Surge, though they reacted to it in time. Shepard was a little less likely — when his sword got stuck in the ground after a bad miss that the Admiral caused.

In the end, though, the Admiral goes down and the team saves the day… to realize they now have a whole lot of shit to deal with from an invading army.

Sym reads the Admiral’s mind and discovers that the Admiral is a well respected Admiral within a mighty empire. He discovers the Admiral knows the Mapparium can be used for more than just healing people and keeping them alive, but as something of a “cerebro for all powers” — ie it would be like if a person with fire powers could go in there and suddenly use those fire powers anywhere in the world.

Sym lets the group know about its dangers.

Meanwhile, Rona’s tech and science abilities were able to figure out how to use the Admiral’s technology — she was able to shut down all of the ships across the city, stranding he aliens and preventing them from taking any children or causing more earthquakes.

In the aftermath of the Christian Science battle, there were some people at the Chrisitian Science Center checking things out — among them people from the Order’s Boston division, who Aramis spoke to. Aramis told them about the Mapparium’s healing powers that the Admiral spoke about, but didn’t know that the Mapparium had other powers, too, so the Order is unaware of those.

With national guard in Boston on clean-up and the army on its way, the team could now rest a little easier knowing their immediate problems were over — so everyone started going over different options for what to do with the aliens and the technology, as well as the threat of future invasion.

Some suggested that they be sent back and told not to screw with humans again. Others suggested that we try to dupe the aliens with Power Surge’s shapeshifting, scaring them into thinking attacking earth wasn’t worth it — but Sym realized such a strategy would fail, since these aliens wouldn’t be duped so easily…. that the Admiral and his invading armies would never call back until the job was done or they were all dead from trying.

Aramis offered to bring them to the ‘crossroads’ where he was from — a place in between heaven, earth and hell — which some called purgatory, but ‘that’s a bad description,’ but the team wasn’t wild about that idea, either, since it wouldn’t end the threat of future invasions.

In the end, it was decided that the team would use one of the spaceships to visit an alien world that was resisting the ‘evil empire’ of the earth invaders. The world they would visit would be the same aliens that visited Boston during the very first session, the ones who came here to capture the leviathans and seal the rift.

Rona was able to find the location of that world in the alien’s ship.

They were hoping these other aliens would be trustworthy and know what to do with all the POWs and how to solve the threat of future invasions.



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