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Terelli's Adventure 5/10/14

Notes from 5/11/14

Anyone can feel free to take a look at these notes and let me know what I got wrong or missed or should make more clear, etc. etc. etc. Chris, I know you took some notes, too. Feel free to add.

Notes from 5/10

“Parade of Violence”

Regular sized building, former spark area. Old school. That’s how we have such valuable land.
It’s ‘secret.’
1800 number, then secret number for authorities to call.
Minuteman’s niece — Jeanine — works for us, handling PR.
Team has a PO Box.

Ryan > 5 points > secret base is secret. (covers extra secret entrances including a subway entrance, etc.)
Chris + Terelli + Barnabo – each spent 5 points > living quarters
Ryan > spending 5 points on Aeaea for secret entrance, access, etc.
Lynne spent 15 points on her own base.
Ryan > spent 10 points on SFX: Doppleganger.

Starts with Jeanine, the PR gal. The City of Boston wants to set up a parade/fundraiser for Super Damage. We said no to a bunch of other things people wanted — though Tarot was high on the reality TV and book deals.

The parade happens.

Tarot tests the parade route for magic — finds a dormant fairie mount in the Boston Commons. Find an old cemetary stuck between buildings — magic whiff, but not active. Seems to be similar to how it was before.

Sym gets a message to ‘watch his back’ from someone with a dummie phone they bought at a store nearby.

At the stage, Sym sees someone far away on a building up high, with a hang-glider… racing down toward us. Wears a costume, triangular hat like a patriot would wear. Football jersey on, plus shoulder pads, etc.

Sym sends Shep there, flying to intercept. Shep misses, but makes sure hang-glider doesn’t hurt crowd.

Tarot grappled him, then Rona knocked him out.

Sym calms mayor, makes the glider seem like part of the act.

Later move to the hatshell for a concert. Jeanine calls — no good info on the text, but it matched the MO of a former comrade of Sym’s.

Hybrid water things come out of the water. Extended action mechanics are employed. Power Surge jumped into the water. Stayed there after the fight.

Lots of attacks. They were illusions. Nazis attacked minuteman when he came out.

Minuteman took a hit from a missile, but after his power ended, he fell down hurt.

Tarot checks and is sure that they’re not magical illusions.

Nanites are using components from Minuteman’s body to grow.

Tarot goes into the water and uses a spell to find Power Surge, changing the color of people — he’s water. Tarot uses magic to lift the liquid Power Surge into water, then uses another spell to ‘overload’ the mimic and turn him human.

Jeanine thinks that the only people who could get his powers are male offspring — and Jeanine is the last offspring, so only she could bear a male child.

Tarot goes to Minuteman in Rona’s “Secret Base” and creates a stasis field.

Jeanine was attacked on her way to see Minuteman.

Alarms are going off in our base, but for some reason we weren’t alerted on our phones.

Mechman at base with nazi symbols, they’re on the computers. Shep + Sym there. Jeanine isn’t. The mech was a mook, so went kablewy quickly.

The hard drive from the mech was saved. It was incredibly high tech. Rona took it and was amazed — better than what the government has. They use crystals to store information on. The crystal was cracked, so not all information was recoverable.

She found a coordinate in the English channel.

Jeanine is found to be in Worcester. The group requisitions a helicopter to bring them there.

They’re in Worcester by a hanger with a plane. We go into rounds.

We took down the plane and rescued Jeanine.

There was a bomb on the plane that was triggered — Power Surge power jumped and power threw the sucker.

When everyone is back and Jeanine is saved… they find that Jeanine’s capacity to have kids was gone — eggs stolen — through very precise surgical procedure.

Session ends with Sym saying ‘text (from early in the session) to watch her back could have been from Beckham — or a friend from the program.’

Sym remembers that there was a guy from his program named “Flintlock” who always said “watch your back.”

Re: Minuteman We found way to kill the nanites because of the stasis field — since the statis field kept them still, Rona could target them individually and eliminate the nanites.

There was an email sent to Sym of a person’s grave, from a person who climbed out of it (from the inside out). Sym remembers who was buried there — a person called Arcon.

Remembers “uber tech”



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