Thomas Shepard



Solo Buddy Team
D10 D8 D6


* Angel of Repentance D4 +1PP or D8
* Atheist
* Amnesia

Power Sets

Angelic Power
Flight D8
Strength of God (Super Strength) D6
Christian Guilt (Psycholical Attack) D8
Super Stamina D10
SFX: God’s Judgement: halo (Area of Affect for Christian Guilt).
Limit: Unhallowed ground : Earn a PP when on (or over) unhallowed ground to lose Christian Guilt and God’s Judgement.
Weapon D10
Durability D8
Holy Fire Bolt D8
SFX: column of God’s Fire (AOE fire attack)
Limit: Gear, earn 1 PP to lose sword, roll against the doom pool to get it back.


Mystic Expert D8 Music (Harp) D6
Combat Expert D8 Singing D6


Save the Soul Society
1XP Recruit assets
3XP Recruit people
10XP Reclaim heaven
It’s my life
1XP Doing non-heavenly things
3XP Saying no to the church.
10XP Find myself — realize free will

uI was born a poor black child. OK, maybe not. Here’s how it happened. I opened my eyes and saw the sun in a blue sky. Then some dude asked me if I was OK, then there was an ambulance, and shortly after that was the news reporters. I was whisked off to the hospital before I really completely regained consciousness.

The doctors didn’t really know angel physiology, so it wasn’t long before confused doctors contacted what they thought was the authority on angels…the Vatican! The Vatican sent angelologist Monsignor Douchemont to help! The Monsignor provided very vague information to the medical staff, but insisted orayer would heal the servant of God.

Sure enough, in another day I was physically fine (hooray for suoer-powers). The Monsignor attributed the recovery to God. after questiioning Thomas and realizeing his amnesia, he offered to take Thomas to the Vatican Thomas knowing no other people, agreed.

Thomas got a crash course in doctrine, theology, etc. They seemed to have an answer for every question. When he was brainwashed…err…educated enough, Thomas used his power to “help the world”. …and proclaim Roman Catholic Christianity the true religion. Other religions winced that they had no angels on their sides….

Soon Thomas realized he only really hepled Christians…he never went to help Buddists or Muslims unless there was significant media coverage , of course. After a lot of reading anfd thinking….he realized nothing was making any sense….omnipotent but unable to stop sufferening, omniscient but unaware of suffering? Somebody somewhere was lying!

After seeing the good and the bad wrought by religion, Thomas came out as an atheist. He was promptly excused from Vatican service. He was then denounced as a false angel, just a person that had angelic powers who wheedled his way into the church…..when in reality, using his angelic image was the church’s idea!!!!

This led to Thomas becoming a loudmouthed atheist, and he has bumped around the supers community util settling with the HUB.

Spent up flight 10, 5 points on base.
10 xp london bridge
20 xp spy network
30 xp bankai

Thomas Shepard

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