The Shadowed Mage aka Merlin


A very powerful mage who claims to be the legendary wizard Merlin — and may very well be. He’s on a quest to return Britain to its glory days and has resurrected people from the dead who claim to be Knights of the Round Table, including Arthur Pendragon.

He’s proven to be one of the world’s most powerful mages, able to best Tarot in a fight. He’s also maintained many alter egos, including some who’ve amassed great wealth and resources.

He wields a staff and wears a dark cloak.

Among his powers, he’s shown the ability to blast fireballs, create dopplegangers and turn animals into magical beings. He can seemingly even resurrect the dead.

He’s known to have vast knowledge not only in magic, but in many fields — including business, science and technology. He’s demonstrated the ability to mix employ these specialties with his more arcane knowledge to some potent results — including mixing science and magic to create Sir Kneebit and using technology and magic to amplify magic and create barriers that could close off the United Kingdom itself from the rest of the world.

He was last scene gathering a small army to confront Hub Squad and its temporary allies, the Order of the Three Swords.

With the help of Durendel, one of the three known Sacred Swords, the Hub Squad and Order of the Three Knights was able to defeat the Shadowed Man, sending he and the Knights of the Round Table fleeing — and destroying his doppleganger, Lionel Rothschild.

The Shadowed Mage aka Merlin

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