One of the three Sacred Swords

weapon (melee)


Sword (Weapon) d12 Durability d10 Mystic Resistance d10

SFX: Sharpest weapon ever. If the target uses a Durability trait for defense, double Weapon.

SFX: Air Slice Attack. The weapon is so sharp that it slices through the air, creating a shockwave that acts as an area attack versus targets in front of it.

Limit: Relic-based. Relics fail to trigger if the saints associated with it would disapprove of the wielder’s actions. Step down by 1 if doing something mostly for selfish reasons. Step down by 2 if doing something absolutely sacrilegious, such as murdering innocents or besmirching the Lord’s name.

Limit: Only someone with the power of Roland the Bard could wield this weapon.

Limit: Gear.


A weapon made by the great Wayland the Smith around 850 A.D., after he received a vision in his sleep.

It was designed to be wielded by Roland the Bard, who became Charlemange’s most trusted Paladin. No other before Power Surge was ever able to wield it.

In a vision Wayland had while sleeping, the Holy Spirit came down to him and said, “Thou shalt smelt a mighty sword, Wayland the Smith, one that contains the might of God itself, and give it unto the wandering bard who shall save God’s Kingdom that Peter built.”

When Wayland woke, he found a single block of ore that was not previously in his stores. It glowed with a faint light, an aura bestowed upon it from the heavens. With it, he then smelted it into one of the most powerful swords in all of existence, the Durendel, with steel that no longer glowed — but sung.

It is believed to be the sharpest blade ever made and nearly indestructible. It is said Roland used its power to hold off a hundred thousand strong Saracen army long enough for Charlamagne’s forces to retreat.

After the battle, Roland hid the sword so it would remain out of enemy hands, but the precursors of the Three Swords recovered it using secret notes Roland left for the church at his death.

The sword prompted Wayland the Bard to attempt to make many other great swords of power in his life, many of which altered the history of Europe.


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