Phonograph of St. Francis de Sales


Phonograph of St. Francis de Sales

Hearing d6 Universal Translator d6

SFX: Shared Use. Any within average human hearing range of the device is gifted with its powers.

Limit: Old Tech. This device uses old and far outdated technology. While not overly complex, it requires maintenance from personnel who are specially trained for old technology. Shut down Power Set if fail vs. Doom Pool badly while using it. Must access a resource or asset capable of fixing it to restore power set.

Limit: Too big to easily carry. This is not the kind of device that can be easily transported. To use it on the go, shut down any gear-based Power Set on your character or employ an asset or resource representing personnel capable of using it.


The Phonograph of St. Francis de Sales is an antique phonograph built in the late 1800s. In 1920, right before the phonograph was about to be thrown away to be replaced by a newer model, a deaf woman named Isabelle visited her friend, who was the then-owner of the phonograph. It was then that Isabelle heard for the first time — St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of the deaf, read to her Mark 7:31-37, in which Jesus cured a deaf mute.

He said she was a good woman who had the Lord’s work to do, and that with his blessing, she should get to it. From that moment, Isabelle could hear again, at which point she devoted her life in the service of teaching families of the deaf sign language who could not otherwise afford lessons.

While the phonograph has never cured deafness again, it has demonstrated the ability to relay messages to the deaf while in its presence — and it’s hearing powers are so vast that it can even act as a universal translator.

The Order took ownership of the phonograph to keep it under its protection for the Church — and will use it occasionally in official capacities, when there is a language or hearing barrier.

Phonograph of St. Francis de Sales

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