King Carbonite



Note: Sym’s powers are pretty all-knowing-ish, but I don’t want to include the full stats and info just yet, for story telling reasons, but I will list his Power Sets. If anyone GMing would like to use King Carbonite in their session, though, let me know and I’ll give you the full stats.

Solo d8 Buddy d4 Team d6


His Benevolence, King of the Earthen Realm
Strong Ass Mother Fucker
Elemental Anti-Mage

Power Set 1: King of the Earthen Realm

Power Set 2: Stalagmite Trident


King Carbonite is King of the Earthen Realm. Living within a castle named Promontory Rock in the Nexus Plane, often called the Island of Suxne, Carbonite is the dominant force within the elemental realms.

As far as he is aware, he has existed since the beginning of time, keeping peace within the realms and spending a lot of time thinking about rocks. He’s known to stand still for years at a time, but can be quick to anger if he sees magic or elements abused.

As King, he styles himself “His Benevolence,” and he’s also earned the title “the Anti-Mage,” making his full courtly title “His Benevolence, King Carbonite the Anti-Mage.”

He doesn’t refer to himself as the Anti-Mage because he hates or stands against all magic — in fact, he has met several mages he’d be willing to call friend.

He earned the title by defeating one of the most powerful mages to have ever existed in a hundred year war, after that mage attempted to conquer the elemental planes. He has since stood up against mages who have violated his own conventions regarding summoning magic, particularly those who would summon deceased sentient beings back to life.

His personality could be described as kind, jovial and wise, but he also has the self-confidence and hubris of someone who has been a monarch for millennia — and no one wants to get on his bad side.

King Carbonite

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