Sir Kneebit Breary



Sir Kneebit


Solo d6 Buddy d4 Team d8


Knight in Slimy Armor

Power Trait 1: Super Toad
Reflexes d12 Strength d8 Speed d8 Frog Senses d8 Frog Adaptations d8 Swim d8
Tongue d10 Leaping d10 Underwater Living Affinity d10 Stamina d10 Poison Resistance d10

SFX: Super Tongue. Step up Strength by 1 if using tongue, so the tongue’s strength is d10.
SFX: Sticky Tongue Hands Free. Given his tongue’s super length, strength and stickiness combined, if Sir Kneebit successfully grapples a target with his tongue, he’s able to keep his hands completely free, allowing him to continue taking turns with his hands in future rounds, even while he maintains his grapple.
SFX: Tongue healing factor.
Limit: Creature of Magic. If targeted by a spell, roll a d4. If Sir Kneebit rolls a 1, turn him back into a small toad, but add a dice to the doom pool or add 1PP. As a small toad, he’s still sentient and retains all his memories and skills, but step down all Super Toad powers by 2. Can be restored if the Watcher rolls an opportunity.

A. Tongue d10 power factors in his tongue’s length, maneuverability, control, stickiness and strength. It could be used to grapple from at length, create a swing-kick stunt from a telephone pole, or even take that poll down and hurl it at a target as a stunt. The length of his tongue is long enough to reach up to the top of a telephone poll. Some of these tongue abilities are ‘bought’ from SFX.
B. Underwater Living Affinity d10 gives him a greatly enhanced ability to survive and operate underwater. He can stay underwater almost indefinitely and operate as well or better than he would on ground. This includes retention of his full range of senses underwater. Natural underwater creatures probably won’t bother him, even as they may bother others.
C. Frog Adaptations and Frog Senses. Senses: Sir Kneebit can see in all directions and at very far distances, and he also has a very strong sense of smell and hearing. Frog adaptations: Sir Kneebit can breath through his skin, enter into hibernation or estivation to survive extreme weather, and even has ‘antifreeze’ in his skin — so that if he dies from the cold, he can come back to life.

Power Set 2: Knight in Slimy Armor
Lamentation (Sword) d8 Armor (Durability) D10 Helm (Mind Resistance) D10

SFX: Mental Anguish. If Lamentation is blocked, spend a dice from the doom pool (or 1PP) to roll again to do Mental Damage. This is the power that gives the sword its name “Lamentation.”
SFX: Faithful Steed. Spend a doom dice or 1PP and Sir Kneebit gains access to his faithful Otterbear steed “Sabretooth." Sabretooth counts as a d8 resource or can be a d8 complication against opponents.
Limit: Chivalry demands weapons be held in hands, not tongues.
Limit: Lamented Self. At an opportunity, opponent could choose to apply d8 mental damage to Sir Kneebit if he’s wielding Lamentation. This cannot be resisted.


Knighthood d10 Acrobatics d10 Amphibian Environments d10 Mounts d10

A. Knighthood is like Combat, but only applies to medieval weapon types, armor and strategies.
B. Mounts is like Vehicles, but only applies to animals capable of being mounted.
C. Amphibian Environments is hopefully self explanatory, but could be used in ways that are similar to Cosmic, but in the very, very narrow scope of Amphibian Environments.


Memo to General Beckham on Sir Kneebit

From Tarot
To General Beckham
BCC Shephard

Tippity Top Secret

Sir Kneebit is the amalgamation of magic and science, used to turn a toad into a sentient being with superpowers.

An analysis of his skills and powers demonstrates he has great long-term potential for good in the world. His armor and weapon are enhanced by magic — stronger and more powerful than anything possible through mundane means. Were only they able to work with human beings, I would say we should re-purpose them, but alas they only seem to work for him. (Trust me, I tried.)

His frog powers make him extremely agile and a very competent fighter, but given that his most potent weapon is his tongue I don’t think he could ever be a tenth as powerful a force for Super Hero propaganda as me. There is a real ick factor there — not that it’s his fault, of course. Still, though, I’m seeing him as more of a shadowy hero of the night/scare the bad guys figure than a true daytime hero like me.

He’s also a very skilled fighter — dare I say, more skilled than anyone on Hub Squad.

I have noticed he is intrinsically weak against magic. I imagine it’s by the creator’s design. Cast a few spells on him and he’ll inevitably shrink to the size of a toad for a good while, though retain all sentience, armor and skills. He’d still be the king of all toads, but not very useful in a fight with anything 4ft tall and above.

The specifics of Sir Kneebit’s creation are something I haven’t yet been able to fully deduce, though I suspect it’s more magic than science.

Whoever created him, he was clearly the tool of Lionel Rothschild II, wielded against our Hub Squad in attempt to stop us from interfering with Rothschild’s dastardly plans to take over Dr. Krantz’s enterprise.

My study of Sir Kneebit hasn’t revealed any easy or safe way to turn him back into a toad and I also question the morality of doing so: whatever he was before, he’s something completely different now, sentient and capable of learning. In effect, he’s a new life form. Turning him back into a toad would be the same as killing him.

As a sentient being, he’s been alive for about as long as I’ve been a member of the group, give or take a couple weeks.

His memories don’t extend any further, but his intelligence and knowledge is clearly boosted by either magic or science or other means — because he’s highly skilled in medieval combat techniques and has the linguistic skills of an average high school graduate. He’s able to perform basic math and remember as many consecutive tarot cards in my deck as a normal person could — if not more.

For whatever it’s worth, he also recognizes his own shadow and sees himself in a mirror. Scientists seem to be big on that.

The good news: There is nothing evil about him, but he has been bent in some ways. Particularly, through magic or science or some other technique, he’s been convinced that he is in love with Dr. Krantz. He means her no harm, but currently lacks the adult maturity to deal with his infatuations in adult-appropriate ways. He promised me he won’t ever try to lick her again, for whatever that’s worth…

In many ways, he’s a victim. It is my hope we can safely rectify this situation, so he can be trained out of this phase and taught other important aspects of behaving as a functional adult member of society.

Yet, until that takes place, I don’t think he is a strong prospect for another team — and I fear it would be a long, long time before Dr. Krantz would feel comfortable with him as a member of our own.

My recommendation would be to send him to Dr. Barton for a little counseling and a trip to Super Summer Camp. I know that was of great benefit to my astral projection!

Sir Kneebit Breary

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