Dr. Rona Krantz



EXP (current)

10 point secret base
15 point secret lab

Solo Buddy Team
D10 D6 D8


* “I know how to fix this…” D4 +1PP or D8
* Socially oblivious genius
* Doesn’t miss a thing

Power Sets

Energy Sensory Touch
Materials Sense / Through Sense D8
Neutralinic tunneling visible path (teleport through solids) D10
SFX: Second chance (reroll).
Limit: Touch only.
Neutraline Power
Neutraline Energy Stun D8
Neutraline Neural Stun D8
Neutraline Solids Control (Touch Telekenisis) D10
Neutraline Toughness D10
Neutraline Mind Shield D8
SFX: Spend a PP to double manipulate (item being touched by rope/chain can temporarily be manipulated)
SFX: Spend a PP to use Neutraline Solids Control as Super Strength
SFX: Use Solids Control to hit multiple targes. Add D6 and keep additional effect die for each additional target.
Limit: Touch Only.
Limit: Only works on solids.
Limit: Solids Control only on items plausibly pick up.


Science Master D10 Medical D8
Tech Expert D8 Vehicle D6
Business D6


Romantic breakthrough
1XP Whenver she notices someone noticing her.
3XP Whenver she allows herself to be attracted to someone.
10XP When she falls in love.
Science Theory (Neutraline Energy) DONE!!!
1XP Whenever she shows and demonstrates stunts with the power.
3XP Whenever she gets to hide and suppress the theory.
10XP When proves the existence Neutalinos and interdimensional energy.


Rona grew up in an affluent family as the only child of Donna and Michael Krantz. Her mother was a lawyer, and her father was a bio scientist and professor at Northeastern University. Rona’s home was one of the classic brownstones of Boston in a very nice part of town, and during the summer the family spent a lot of time at their house on the Cape.

To say Rona’s parents were neglectful might be an exaggeration, but the two busy adults had very little downtime to connect to their daughter, who attended the best private prep schools in Boston and exhibited genius at a very early age. This alienated her from her peers, even the ones with high intelligence, as they could not keep up with Rona.

Her teachers set her up on special programs in science and math, which she particularly excelled in. In seventh grade she was taking high school courses, and as a freshman in high school she took college-level courses. She graduated early and went right into college – starting at Northwestern where her father taught, and then MIT for graduate school.

Melding science and technological engineering, with a smattering of bio science, Rona began to discover the properties of neutraline energy at MIT’s labs. In her personal diaries, she began calling it “living energy” or “smart energy” because it seemed to transmit information and it was able to be directed with certain controls. Though these breakthroughs were thrilling, Rona kept most of the discoveries to herself…not as an act of selfishness, but because she began to have a sense of how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands, or if used by governments to create weapons. She could see no “cheap energy” solution with neutraline, therefore its civilian usefulness would be limited.

After obtaining her doctorate, and inventing a number of breakthrough machines, particularly robotics which could be incorporated into a human nervous system to replace limbs, lungs, and other organs, Rona used her now considerable earnings (forming a company to manage her patents, Krantz Enterprises) to build a secret lab for her work with neutraline energy in an isolated warehouse by the docks. She spent considerably large sums of money securing the site and bringing equipment in, and though she used a shell corporation or two, she’s certain that at least the US Government must know about the lab. Here, she perfected some of her neutraline experiments, and in particular, came to understand how “smart energy” could be merged with biological life forms and extend the capabilities of a person.

She began to methodically experiment on lab rats and mice, even insects and the occasional pig. Slowly she built up her understanding of the process, until she was certain she could apply it to a human. After each experiment, when the requisite observations were finished, she incinerated her lab experiments, so that nothing could fall into the wrong hands. Finally, came a day she felt ready to inject herself with the serum she had created that would endow a person with what could be termed, “super powers.” She set the lab’s self-destruct sequence just in case everything went wrong, and took the serum. Her reasoning behind self-injection was for science; she had reached the limits of learning about “smart energy” from animal subjects, since it took a mind to control the energy, and further research would need to be conducted by an infused human being.

Her transformation was fairly immediate, but since she was still in control, Rona shut off the self-destruct and began to experience the world through entirely new senses. At times overwhelmed, she did not leave the labs for several days, and only returned to her home a week later. The disorientation wore off, however, and she began to explore the limits of her new powers. After finding herself successful, she burnt all her lab notes and the computer hard drives that had helped run her program.

Still, she is obsessed with neutraline energy. She feels certain it has something to do with interdimensional power, and despite the fact she has worked with the energy for years, no one has yet proven neutralinos truly exist. And now she is faced with the fact that though her experiment was done through a desire to further her theories, she now has superpowers and it requires more from her than merely being a researcher.

Personality-wise, Rona is distant and aloof and socially clueless. She has a very underdeveloped sense of humor – to her, joking around is a waste of time. She is averse to being touched – first, because it’s an invasion of her personal space, and now especially, because anyone with mental powers might be able to read her mind and discover her research secrets, and she is very keen to keep the secret of neutraline energy safe from the wrong hands (including the US government’s). Since meeting Sym, she particularly cautious, both because he himself has mind-reading powers and because he is an example of the US government creating supersoldiers, an inclination for which she knows neutraline energy research would be used.

Still, she has decided to work with a team (not her best talent) to ply her superpowers for the good of her fellow man, because she feels a responsibility now that she herself has superhuman powers. Also, being involved has lead to more knowledge of neutraline energy, a big incentive. She can gather more data and be there to try to prevent anyone from figuring out what she already knows.

Secretly, though, Rona is pretty lonely, on both an intellectual level, and a personal one. She is not the sort of person who is snobbish because 99.9% of people are less smart than she is; on the contrary, in her heart of hearts, she knows that it isolates her and always has, and that saddens her. She hides it well, and since her inclination is to be aloof anyway, she doesn’t have to work hard at it. She certainly has had her admirers, and she is a beautiful 27-year old woman, even in lab coat and latex gloves, but she has a blind spot in her keen observation skills when it comes to social interaction, and doesn’t notice when someone notices her.

Rona currently lives at her parents’ house, which she inherited when they retired to snowbird between northern California with summers at the Cape.

Dr. Rona Krantz

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