Power Surge (Phillip Simons)



Solo Buddy Team
D6 D8 D10


* Man of Action D4 +1PP or D8
* Works well with others
* “That came out of nowhere!”

Power Sets

Synergy Powers
Superhuman Durability D10
Superhuman Strength D10
Flight D10
SFX: Step up strength when when around a large group of super humans.
Tapping Into the Universal Power Well
Mimic D10
Power Sense D8
Cosmic Awareness D8
Shapechange D10
Universal Translator D6
SFX: Spend one PP to be immune to damage from similar powers mimiced.
Limit: Only sense powers of living creatures.


Combat Expert D8
Covert D8
Crime D6
Menace D8


Join the Bandwagon
1XP When I do something to show supers in a positive light.
3XP When I create a good media event promoting supers.
10XP When I raise the popularity of supers on a national level.
Uncovering the Mystery of Power Surge
1XP Everytime I use my Powers and save a life.
3XP Everytime I stop a Spark event.
10XP Resolve the Mystery of Power Surge.

Power Surge (Phillip Simons)

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